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Rock and Republic Sample Sale, Los Angeles, June 18-20

Denise’s TWS Clearance Sale Damage

Here we go, PEA-ple (hehe, get it?). First and foremost, I apologize for the terrible photo quality. I’ll try to improve on that in future posts. Here are the items I scored at the TWS Clearance Sale. Better late that never. ~_^


Morphine Generation dress

People’s Liberation top

Johnny Martin dress

Close-up of top detail of Johnny Martin dress

French Connection (FCUK) dress

I also purchased another top, not pictured here (because I had worn it already and it is currently in the laundry ~_^). I shall provide a photo of that in the near future.

As for my sentiments on the clearance sale, let’s just say that going to a sale on the last day is probably not the best idea. There were tons of nice dresses that were unfortunately of large size. My guess is all the smaller sizes had already been picked at and bought. The jeans choices were rather mediocre. I had found one pair that I wanted, but unfortunately, the size issue once again got in the way.

I do enjoy my purchases, but I don’t feel completely satisfied with the outcome. I didn’t feel that usual victorious feeling I get when I peruse sales and score a few items. It seemed my friends and I were scavenging the whole area in an attempt to solely meet the 5 for $100 deal for dresses, bottoms, etc. and the 5 for $50 deal for tops. Considering the number of items I bought and what types they are, however, I do think I came out with some incredible buys for an incredible price.

TWS Clearance Sale Score – $365.99 saved

2Piap decided to hit up the TWS clearance sale on the last day, June 6th.  Held in the old Forever 21 store at Westfield mall in West Covina, the location of choice was very inconspicuous given past TWS sample sales.  As this was advertised as a past-season “clearance” sale and not “sample” sale, I did not feel compelled to go the first 2 days of the sale.  Past TWS sample sale protocol dictated that rsvp’ing was a must since TWS is pretty strict (again, from experience) about checking the rsvp list and stamping your  hand.  Being a stickler for protocol, I dutifully rsvp’d a friend, my fellow pea, and myself.  My fellow pea’s little cousin also came with, but because I could only rsvp a max of 2 additional guests, I thought she had to pay the $5 cover.  Besides a security guard at the front of the entrance, no TWS staff was stationed to check rsvp lists and etc.  SCORE!

We walked in, did a run through of the store with our eyes, and immediately headed to the dress section.  Now, please note, I had no expectations what so ever for finding anything decent given that we came on the last day.  We immediately scattered to each go do our things.  First thing I did was check the pricing.  As I came to learn, the $35 or 5/$100 “jean” category also included dresses, shorts, among some other items.  Tops were $15 each or 5/$50.  In the world of Asian frugality, it meant I was ready to combine purchases with my fellow pea and people to get the preferred “bulk” discount.

Fellow pea’s little cousin did not find anything to her taste, so she decided to head over to the new Forever 21 while the rest of us continued our hunt.  In the end, my fellow pea and I, along with our mutual friend, combined our purchases for 5 items from the “jean” category and 6 items from the “tops” category.

Side Note:  The denim selection was VERY disappointing.  99% of the brands being offered for sale were obvious “has beens” or the “one hit wonders” of the fashion world.  Cut was bad, wash was bad, even the quality felt bad considering these were supposed “premium” denims.  Please note that TWS’s normal denim sample sales are great with a wide selection available (as long as you don’t mind getting there on the first day when they open).

Without further ado, my purchases.

[1+2] The back and front of a women’s DRIFTER tee is size L.  Either Drifter clothing runs super small, or I am just super fat.  Anyways, average price of Drifter tees for women is about $55 for something similar to this and considering I paid $10, that is a savings of $45.

[3] A INCREDIBLY, INSANELY soft long sleeve tee by ZOOEY.  This t-shirt is even softer than C&C or James Perse.  With a retail of approximately $80 (more $$ then C&C or James Perse for comparable items), it better be.  The thing is, I almost got talked out of purchasing this item simply because it was too similar to what I already own, and we had already met the 5 item requirement for tops.  Nevertheless, I could not get the softness out of my mind and had to get it.

[4] A simple, luscious RACHEL PALLY summer dress in rich, dark, chocolate brown.  Retail pricing on a comparable Rachel Pally dress is $180, so that is a savings of $160

[5] Very cute cuffed shorts by MORPHINE GENERATION.  Hugs my “assets” nicely without making my thunder thighs look huge.  A extremely lucky find considering it is a size 2 stuffed between a mix of the remaining size 10s and 11s.  Morphine Generation is one of my fave brands for graphic tees btw.  Average price of Morphine Generation shorts?  $85!!!!  Savings???  $65!!!!

Now for a little math,

If I paid retail for all these items: $395 + 9.25% tax = $431.54

My clearance sale price = $60 + 9.25% tax = $65.55

Total Savings ??????   $365.99

Verdict:  Definitely a treasure hunt not for the weak-minded.  Be prepared to flip through everything.

TWS Clearance Sale, June 4-6

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